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Car bodywork requires a combination of technology and specialist skills to effectively repair and restore damaged vehicles. The skilled technicians at Car Craft Wimbledon has a comprehensive understanding of automotive body structures, materials, and techniques. Moreover, they are familiar with different types of metals, composites, and plastics used in modern car manufacturing. In addition, our workshop is equipped with a range of tools and equipment, including dent repair kits, sanding machines, welding equipment, and paint booths. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is also used for accurately assessing damage and planning repairs. Additionally, advanced diagnostic equipment and scanners are vital for identifying electrical and mechanical issues within the car’s body. We have skilled and trained technicians who have proficiency in welding and metalworking techniques for repairing structural damage. This involves expertise in using spot welders, MIG/TIG welders, and plasma cutters. Lastly, for an impeccable final result, we offer automotive painting. Our painters have knowledge of colour matching, blending, paint correction, and different paint finishes. We ensure you an efficient and thorough repair process!

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